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There are many questions we are asked about our wedding photographer packages and Kent Wedding Photography in general. Even if you decide not to use our services feel free to check these questions with your wedding photographer when selecting a photographer for your wedding day in Kent. Other questions are here Some of them are biased to the American market but many are still valid

Q. Do you book more than one wedding per day?

A. No. We will only ever book a single wedding per day. If we booked more than one wedding we would not be able to devote sufficient time to capture the day properly. In addition due to the processing required for digital images which is far in excess of the time spent on the day we would not be able to deliver a quality and speed of service that we are happy with.

Do you provide "digital image packages"?

Yes. A number of our wedding photography packages include the high resolution wedding photos and a licence to use thm so that you can arrange your own prints and provide copies to friends and family at no extra cost.

Q. Which photographer will take the pictures on the day?

A. The wedding photographer you meet and whose work you view is the person who will attend on the day. We do not use a pool or substitute photographers. As explained below all our Kent wedding photography packages include coverage by two photographers to capture formal and reportage photos. We will normally arrange for you to meet both photographers before the day.
In order to ensure that your wedding will be covered in the extremely unlikely event of a serious illness or accident involving one of the photographers we do have cover arrangements in place with another local wedding photographer. This will ensure that another suitably qualified photographer is available on the day. However to date we have never had to use this service.

Q. Are there restrictions on where photos can be taken?

Civil ceremony venues are normally relaxed about photography and allow photos to be taken as required to capture your day. However some churches have very strict restrictions on where our photographers can stand which can limit our coverage of your wedding ceremony so we suggest you check with the vicar or priest to check beforehand. We now have a solution which allows photography in some restricted situations by using a remote camera that can be controlled from the rear of the church using our laptop and allows a camera to be positioned where a photographer cannot be.

Q. How many photographs do you take?

We take as many photographs as we feel necessary to give you a good selection to choose from and to capture the full essence of your day. Often this will be several hundred images. The price of our packages is not affected by the number of wedding photos taken. As we shoot in digital we are not limited to the number of photos on a roll of film and travel with sufficient memory cards to capture images from the whole day as well as video.

Q. Do you take black and white or colour pictures?

All photos taken are presented to you on a selection CD in both colour and black/white so you can choose which you prefer for each image you want to include. It is fine to choose a mix of colour and black/white for your final selection. With some packages we supply you with the images to produce your own prints; again these are in colour and black & white.

Q. Do you recommend using a professional makeup artist?

We would definitely recommend using a makeup artist for your wedding. You are spending hundreds of pounds on your dress and photography and looking your best. A good makeup artist can make the difference between your photos looking good and your album looking stunning. We work closely with Georgette and her team at Bridal Hair and Beauty and recommend them for any weddings across Kent, Sussex and Essex. The expertise of a professional makeup artist can really pay off for making you look your best on your wedding day so we will soon be including makeup services within our photography packages.

Q. As you take digital photos how secure are my pictures?

We take the backup of pictures extremely seriously and are probably verging on the paranoid with our backup procedures. All images taken are copied from memory card to PC and then backed up onto DVD and a separate hard disk. Only when we have verified that the DVD copy is readable in another PC do we clear the memory cards. Additional DVD copies are ALSO stored off site at another location so that in the event of fire or theft a full copy of all images exists.

Q. Which areas do you cover?

We generally cover weddings within Kent and South London (including Medway (Rainham, Gillingam, Chatham, Rochester), Maidstone, Ashford, Folkestone and Canterbury) and parts of Essex and East Sussex. We can cover weddings further afield subject to an additional charge for travel costs.

Q. My requirements differ from the packages you have listed?

Please contact us so that we can provide a personalised quotation for your requirements.

Q. What style of pictures will I get?

All our packages include coverage by two photographers at no extra cost. This means you get the best of both worlds as we can obtain both classic formal posed shots and more contemporary reportage/journalistic style images. Two photographers also allows images to be captured that are impossible with a single photographer. For example the bride and groom leaving we can have one photographer covering the front of car and guests and the other covering the rear of the car and the happy couple. A lone photographer cannot be in two places at one!
You can choose any mix of these styles for the final images.

Q. Which types of cameras do you use?

We use the latest high quality Canon full frame digital SLR cameras with 21 Megapixel resolution and professional lenses. These give exceptionally high image quality which matches film resolution although the number of pixels is less relevant than the type of camera. You should check if your photographer uses non SLR digital cameras as the images quality from these is not comparable particularly for low light shots. There is a reason that professional photographers use professional cameras as they can deliver photos in lighting conditions and situations that consumer cameras cannot. You should also check that your photographer has backup equipment available. We will generally use 4 different cameras with multiple lenses and flashguns for your wedding ensuring that plenty of spare equipment is available in the unlikely event of a technical fault.

Q. Which areas of Kent do you cover?

A. Although we are based in Medway and our studio is in Maidstone we provide wedding photography for all areas of Kent from Folkestone, Ashford, Canterbury, Tonbridge, Dover, Gravesend, West Malling and all other towns and villages in between.

Q. Do you photograph civil ceremonies?

A. Yes. We can provide our Kent wedding photographer packages for church weddings or civil weddings in Kent either at a register office or licenced premises such as Yotes Court. We can also offer our wedding photography packages for civil partnerships for same sex couples.

Q. How can I get more information?

Please contact us by one of the methods below. We aim to answer emails within 12 hours of receipt. If we are unable to answer the phone please leave a message and we will return your call.

e-mail :
Phone : 07710-444227

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This wedding FAQ information is designed to answer many of the questions we are asked about Kent wedding photography. If you have a question that is not listed please contact us so we can assist you.

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