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Boudoir/Lingerie/Sexy Glamour Photo Shoots - A Special & Unique Birthday or Christmas Gift

If you are looking for a special gift that is slightly different or always have difficulty choosing an original present for the person that has Boudoir photo shoots in Kenteverything then a boudoir or glamour style photo shoot from Photo3 may be the answer.

You receive four 12"x8" photographic prints along with a CD of watermarked low resolution images from the shoot to select any additional copies. Vouchers are available for any of our photo shoots - whether it is Boudoir, Glamour, makeover or family portraits.

Boudoir photo shoot Special Birthday Gifts-Glamour photo shoot

All this comes for the very reasonable price of £150. If you require additional images you can purchase them for £10 each.

If you would prefer the shoot itself as a gift we can offer Gift Vouchers that can be given as a present.


Alternatively our makeover boudoir shoot can provide 10 prints, CD of high resolution images and makeup included for £295

New! Calendar Special Offer - Calendars for 2013.

If you have always wanted to feature in your own special calendar then we can offer a calendar boudoir photo shoot for 2013 for yourself or as a gift for a loved one!
You will get a studio session and choice of 12 pictures to feature on the calendar. Once 2013 is over you can then put the pictures in an album or frame them as they are high quality prints.

All this for only £195!

Boudoir Shoot Kent Glamour Portrait Shoots-Unique Gifts in Medway

Prior to the shoot we always discuss and agree the style of pictures to be taken. This ensures that you obtain the pictures that you want. If you are looking for a glamour photographer in the Medway area then we are able to help.

You can view the gallery of glamour/lingerie images here

Although we use studios near Maidstone (Kent), our studio equipment is portable and can be transported to a suitable location with sufficient space. Depending on the shots you want space may be required to setup backgrounds and to have sufficient distance between the lights and subjects.

A boudoir lingerie/glamour portrait session can last up to 2 hours depending on the look you want to achieve and the number of pictures you require.

We can also arrange for a professional makeup artist to complete a stunning makeover with professional makeup for an additional fee. Details are available on request. Alternatively our makeover shoot can provide 10 prints, CD of high resolution images and makeup included for £295 which may work out as better value if you wanted makeup included.

Please note that all printed images supplied with this package are professionally printed photographic prints. Digital images are watermarked and only suitable for print selection. To receive copyright-free high resolution prints our makeover package would be the best option.

To contact us to discuss options for makeover, portfolio or portrait sessions, please use one of the methods below:

e-mail :

Phone : 07710-444227

A common request is to produce a special sexy picture as a gift or present for a partner for Christmas, birthday or other memorable occasion. As you can see the boudoir photos can be sexy but are not necessarily revealing. The feedback from these shoots has been fantastic with everyone exceptionally happy with the results that they were able to give to their loved one.

Boudoir Photo Shoot Gift Ideas in Maidstone and Medway
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