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Climate Camp Kingsnorth - Police Illegal Stop and search - Photos of Kent Climate Camp 2008

In May 2009 a car transporter caught fire on the M2 motorway in Kent as I was passing. I had my Canon 5D Mark2 camera with me and shot various photos and video of the fire. This was the first time I had used the video capability of the camera and unfortunately was unable to edit it in time for the evening news but now have the Canon 5DII video workflow sorted!

You can see the video of the M2 Car Transporter fire on You Tube or click on the photo below.

There are lots of posts about the Canon 5D2 / Canon 5D Mark2 DSLR video on my blog. These are a selection of posts giving feedback on how the Canon 5D2, Canon 550D and Canon 7D work for shooting HD 1080p video as well as stills.

M2 in Kent - Car Transporter Fire

Since purchasing the Canon 5D Mark 2 camera in January 2009 I have been more and more impressed with the quality of the HD 1080p video that the camera produces. It has been a very steep learning curve but I believe I now have the ideal workflow for editing HD video from the Canon 5DII and the Canon 550D which I recently bought as a backup.

To successfully shoot and display HD video from the Canon 550D/5D2/7D DSLR video cameras you need the following:

1) Editing workflow - I use Neoscene to convert the MOV files to AVI that can be edited on a PC. The price for Cineform Neoscene is $99 which equates to approx £70. This is a bargain for the ability to edit easily on a PC without paying for expensive editing software.

2) Blu-Ray or HD media player. I use the WD Media player on my Sony Bravia HD 1080p TV. This allows me to copy edited HD 1080p videos from my PC onto a portable hard drive for use on the Western Digital Media player to watch on my TV.

3) HD interconnect cables. HDMI cables to connect the WD Media player to the TV and HDMI mini cables to connect the camera to the TV to view raw footage directly from the camera. If you use the component output from the camera to your TV you will only see the resolution as 640x480 so losing the benefit of HD 1080p quality.

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